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Why you need a Coach

For the same reason that elite sports stars all work with coaches, successful business people have coaches too!  In the same way that Ivan Lendl helps Andy Murray put together a winning game plan, implement strategies and tactics and develop a winning mindset, an Geoff helps business owners and their senior team members achieve their goals, guaranteed, and sometimes more! 

And yes, there are plenty of business coaches out there, so like Andy Murray, it's important that business people choose their coach with care - here's 3 great questions to ask:

  1. Do they Guarantee to make you money from your coaching inside 6 months?
  2. Do they have over 3,500 proven strategies & tactics in their sysytem toolkit?
  3. Can they call on the brains & experience of 100s of team mates?

In an increasingly competitive world where less than 1 in 10 new businesses survive for a decade, an Action Business Coach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

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Hear the Success Stories

"Thank you so much for today! I am so pleased we came across you. So much growth is already taking place in such a short time". Efua Wilson, Turco, Three Strands Ltd - Restauranteurs

"Excellent  -  highly recommended.” Karen Maley, Right Engineering Solutions Ltd

"Geoff quickly got to grips with the issues and produced a comprehensive and focussed action/transformation plan. He has brought significant cohesion to a relatively unstable team and is driving the programme forwards at a flexible pace reflecting business and operational needs. He also brings significant experience to bear and is able to act in a coaching and mentoring capacity to some of the more inexperienced team members. In the current environment with limited resource and day to day tactical issues requiring priority I cannot identify any more Geoff could personally have done to support us. Geoff has become a valuable member of my management team (albeit indirect) very quickly and I value his judgements and recommendations. Extremely collaborative across the entire CFS team and clearly recognises the importance for all initiatives to be owned by the teams and he goes to great lengths to ensure this happens through individual support and coaching.  Is able to identify and develop an individual’s strengths. Short term plan focussed on delivering key ‘Top 10’ short term objectives and tangible/rapid improvements. Very strong impact; handles conflict in a very positive fashion, in particular is able view issues from the other person’s perspective and engage on their level. Very emotionally resilient given the challenge within CFS!" Chris Bolland, Director UK & I, CFS 

"Professional and dependable throughout Geoff was instrumental in deriving key measurables for use within Solution Construction.  Resolving conflicting opinions and views proved to be one of Geoff's most useful skills as well as his ability to get at pertinent information hidden amongst so much data.  His pragmatic approach and attentive manner quickly allowed Geoff to fit in with the wider team and he was always supportive and approachable even when dealing with difficult issues and demanding timescales. It was a pleasure to work with Geoff, he supported me throughout and took the time to listen as well as offer alternative solutions to a number of conflicting service requirements.  It is also important to note that Geoff showed tremendous tenacity and I truly believe he is a valuable asset.  I'm certain he will be successful in whatever business he works on." David Robinson CSO & Dir Information Security

"Very useful… bringing focus to your business direction and then how to use this to drive your marketing offer. I’m looking forward now to working closely with Geoff as I take my business to the next level.” Adrian Barradell Owner, Clarify Copywriting

"Geoff sees the big picture and spends a considerable amount of time ensuring the vision is understood. I know Geoff will deliver!" Declan Hamilton, Lean Practitioner

"Geoff’s input has been immense from understanding complex processes through to coaching on problem solving and planning. He has also provided key advice around difficult personnel situations and has personally rounded my approach to problem solving and broadened my managerial style." Chris White, Shared Financial Services

"Geoff is very professional and has the ability to put people at easy particularly senior management.  I found he is very engaging and has a great amount of experience in managing a live operation and uses this experience in communicating with and understanding operational management. Some of the characteristics’ I would use to describe him are: Very knowledgeable on Lean approaches; Positive approach; Articulate, comprehensive and understanding in coaching and training situations; Enthusiastic and inspirational; Excellent interpersonal skills; Always willing to share his knowledge and experience with everyone; Hard working and committed to success and continuous improvement; Adaptable and flexible" Dom Jubbs, Specialist Consultant

"Geoff has displayed energy, drive, commitment and a degree of pragmatism to ensure delivery He is friendly and approachable, yet firm enough to steer any subject to a successful conclusion. It was a difficult and very fluid environment we were operating within so I am unwilling to criticise anything!! Achieving what he has was most commendable!"  Colin Burrell DWP Director 

 "an asset to any team lucky enough to get him" John Horan Wypro

"I have enjoyed working with Geoff and value his views and input. The world of bid work is a multi-dimensional complex beats that requires a good understanding of many aspects of the company’s business model. Geoff has rapidly understood this world. Geoff can be relied upon to debate the points under discussion from a strong base from his own knowledge while listening to the views of the other parties before driving forward a mutually agreed conclusion" Martin Watson Finance and commercial

"Thanks for everything, I am looking forward to spending more time working with you. Geoff's knowledge and the application within the business is extraordinary.  I am learning so much from Geoff. He is patient and considered and very good at getting others to open up and become part of the team and the overall deployment. I personally find him very inspirational and a fabulous leader." Rachel Stretch; Independent

"Geoff has been great to work with. He is refreshing, inspirational and displays extreme professionalism throughout the numerous programme changes. Geoff has always encouraged and supported me. It would be a privilege to work with him again and I highly recommend him" Susan Fullbrook, Project Director

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Who is Geoff Fox

Geoff helps business owners like you to put together the kind of business growth plan that works for you - from a practical 13 week action plan (to get things moving straight away) - all the way through to a professional 5 year business plan (to set the long term strategy and finance for the business). From there we work side by side, over time, to be sure you really do get the increased profits that you planned and you realise the life way of life that you envisage

Purpose  Everyday to help people in business to accomplish something rewarding that perhaps they didn't think they could do - so your business makes more money and affords you the time to enjoy it to the full.

Mission  Owners and senior executives and everyone involved in their business feels justifiably proud of their achievements, fulfilled by what they do and inspired by where they are heading

and if we can't do all that together, you'll get rich trying :-)